Hello community of The House of the Dead wiki, my name is Patrick aka Kori-Maru on the Sega forums and SegaBits. I use to have a forum and website dedicated to The House of the Dead two years ago with promising new information before it was hacked by a unknown source. But I came to let you guys know that it's back better than ever. It's called "The Website of the Dead" A Unofficial fansite of all things House of the Dead related. You will be able to find tons of new information that other HotD fans has never seen before. I've just recently blogged about the manga and the comic. I also have a new forum for the community to chat.

Here's the websites link

Facebook Page!/pages/The-Website-of-the-Dead/171238962982084

Twitter Page!/WeboftheDead

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As for the House of the Dead 4. Sega presented their upcoming digital games including 4 and GDC 2012. The game will feature.

- Exclusively for PS3/PSN
- Two player co-op
- Arcade perfect port
- Play the game with either a standard controller or the PS Move/Sharpshooter
- The game will include “The House of the Dead 4: SPECIAL” with G as a playable character. So that means you don’t have to travel to different Gameworks around the country to play this game 8D.

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