Hello, AMS agents. I'd like to bring attention to another issue that's been plaguing the wiki for years: the organization and content of level pages. If you have opinions on the matter, feel free to leave a comment!

I'll break the issue into those two parts: the organization and the content itself:


Currently, each stage is organized under an umbrella category called "Levels". There are then subcategories:

  • "Chapters" for the HOD series and Vampire Night (the latter has not been added yet)
  • "Episodes" for Zombie Revenge
  • "Movies" for Overkill (not added yet). This term was used in the iOS port. However, I'm unsure if it was used in Overkill's console ports because I haven't played them yet.

These subcategories existed to make things more specific and organized, rather than throwing everything under one big category. Our image gallery has been getting a similar restructuring lately.

The issue, however, is that HODIII and SD's level orders are player-determined, and it's not just "one scripted area per chapter".

For example: depending on your choices, SD's first chapter, "Kate and Ryan", can be either Chariot's stage, Priestess' stage, or Hangedman's stage. This is unlike HOD4, in which the first chapter, "Escape" is always in the same area and ends with the same boss (Justice).

A possible solution: instead of naming HODIII and SD's level pages after chapter titles ("Kate and Ryan", "Pandora's Box", ect.), they could be instead be named after the actual locations (annex, lab, DBR Institute, BIO Lab, ect.) This does create an inconsistency with our categorization, though; most of the other levels given their respective chapter/episode/"movie" titles specified in-game.


The most glaring issue is that our level pages lack polish and content. Things are missing and inconsistent. Some pages have the following:

  • A brief synopsis about what occurs in the chapter.
  • An incomplete written walkthrough of the various paths.
  • Dialogue scripts.
  • Some chapter-specific trivia, including things like easter eggs and stuff.
  • Galleries with chapter-specific images, including official artwork of the locations (found in HOD2 pages).

I feel like some of these (synopsis, image galleries, and chapter-specific trivia) would merit mention on these level pages. However, as a community we have to decide: what information should we include and exclude from each individual chapter page?

It's a convoluted problem, I know. But I'll leave my thoughts here in the hopes that it can inspire some brainstorming. One way or another...we will get this fixed.



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