Hey guys. Some news:

  • The House of the Dead Discord has a new #hotd-wiki-discussion channel. Here, you can talk about all wiki-related things, report problems, and can give feedback/ideas to improving various aspects. It's a great way to get faster responses from me and DarryLazakar. We're also now mods for the channel, and we ask that people be respectful and constructive.
  • I've purchased The House of the Dead III's Perfect Guide. It contains lore, artwork, and enemy/boss information that will be added to the wiki. However, some things will require translation. Dean3, another admin, has the guide but is inactive. I messaged him about contributing, but later decided to take action and buy my own copy, rather than wait for him to reply.

The guide is expected to be delivered between October 15 - 30. As soon as I get it, I'll be posting as much about it as possible on the Discord. If anyone knows Japanese and would like to help translate, I encourage you to join the Discord.

- multibrawlr

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