Happy holidays, AMS agents! I've made some important changes to the wiki.

  • I've requested FANDOM to change our URL from "houseofthedead" to "thehouseofthedead". The old URL simply redirects to the new one.
  • Our main page will get a short description of the wiki, which will show up on web searches. I already wrote and submitted it, but it'll take some time before the change goes into effect. The description quickly summarises our wiki's purpose, and lists out some broad popularly-searched topics.
  • The site name has now officially changed from House of the Dead Wiki to The Wiki of the Dead. The new name is meant to sound a little more interesting, plus it is a reference to the various HOD spin-offs (Typing, English). FANDOM had to get involved as they are the only ones who can change site names. This, too, may require time before the change goes into affect.

I personally view the name change as the start of a new era--a chance to reestablish our credibility and move forward after years of neglect. Let's keep it up!

Happy holidays to all. Stay safe, have fun, and thanks for viewing and/or contributing to The Wiki of the Dead.

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