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  • I am Charlie Murder
  • Nabe Gewell

    Yes, we have problems. Look at the design of the wiki.

    All we have for decoration is a low-res image of 2 dull looking random zombies and for a wiki logo we have the name of the wiki in a fancy font with large capital letters.

    If anybody has photoshop, whip up a nice logo for the wiki and show it to a admin please. I will give you a cookie.

    Also, if someone finds a nice image for the wiki's background. Find a admin and ask if it can be the background image for the wiki. Whoever does this gets 2 cookies.

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  • Nabe Gewell

    Lockin' Pages

    May 24, 2014 by Nabe Gewell

    As you may notice with other "Finer" wikis, they lock pages.

    Locking a page mean it is cemented into the wiki, so only admins/bureocrats can edit it.

    Locking pages will stop vandalism on popular pages/rules and guideline pages.

    Locking pages is a winning stragegy!

    So admins, get doing it. As us "Lower" users don't really have magic wiki-wide changing skills... Yet.

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  • Nabe Gewell

    Just pointing out here.

    Yes, this is from the flim.

    Right now, we lack images of important moments in the series like when Daniel Curien turns into a zombie in the bad ending of HOTD3.

    RIGHT NOW, we have 5 pictures that are not required of this female's buttocks.



    There, I made my point. Go get them vital images and NOT IMAGES OF FEMALE BUTTOCKS!

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  • Nabe Gewell

    Would it be dark? Would it be light-hearted? Would it be the last in the series?

    All of these are questions without answer.

    As far as my knowledge goes:

    G: Fine

    Rogan: Fine

    Curien's Son: Fine, possibly in a relationship with Lisa

    Lisa: Fine, p0ssibly in a relationshop with Curien's Son

    The Magician: Probaly fine, I mean. He has came back 3 times now, why not 4?

    Dr. Curien: Dead, unless he is brought back again like the Magician

    Gary Steward: Unknown, possibly dead, may of been the Star in HOTD 4 so he is probaly dead.

    Sophie: Unknown, possibly undead or dead or alive

    Goldman: Dead, but he could come back

    It could be that Dr. Curien (The wheel of fate) The Magician, The World and The Star could be joined together in one to create the deadliest zombie/b…

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