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    New HotD game

    January 15, 2018 by PePsIadZwiki

    We waited patiently for this for some time, over 8 years, and we have a new HotD game in the form of Scarlet Dawn. After most of you gave up too. Anyways, it looks like the game will have a difficulty that fits in somewhere between 2 and 3 due to how many zombies can appear on screen at one time. In that sense, it would make the zombies relatively slow attacking and moving, and possibly give the player and alternative weapon to the pistol, maybe an SMG like 4 or a shotgun like 3.

    Moving on, lets make sense of the screenshots we've been given. 

    The game looks like a reboot so the chance of existing characters making an appearance is quite low, we were lucky to get G in Overkill frankly. I  also found a Eurogamer article about the game, which …

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  • PePsIadZwiki

    Well firstly, the director of the first four games (Takashi Oda) said that if THoTD5 would be in development, it would be based around The Mystery Man as the game's main antagonist. For this to work, THoTD5 would most likely be set after House of The Dead 3, seeing as we were first introduced to The Mystery Man in one of House of The Dead 3's alternate endings. It may be set a few months to a year after THoTD3 was set, (Halloween 2019) because The Mystery Man is obviously working on something that needed Curien 's antidote? Either that or the bad ending of THoTD5 could involve The Mystery Man escaping. With the antidote, we also learned from THoTD3 that the antidote can cure terminal illnesses but will eventually mutate the person with the…

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  • PePsIadZwiki

    It feels like I'm the only person here anymore. I'm seeing less and less edits, not a single blog post in 10 months, it's like everyone has forgot about this website. 

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  • PePsIadZwiki

    Recently, I've been +1'd on youtube on a small theory regarding G in THoTD4's 'G ending' which finds G in the courtyard of the Goldman Building staring into a crater and saying his farewells to James Taylor who died in the ending scene.

    In this ending, i've found that G has the same model he had in THoTD3 which takes place 16 years after this. However, in THoTD4SP; G has the model used in games 1 and 2; his original model.

    My theory is how G managed to change between 2 completely different forms in a small space of time and what i've ended with is that there could be two G's instead of the one. (One G being the mainstream belief)

    It has also come to my attention that G had a sinister tone of voice in the G ending but was back to normal when h…

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  • PePsIadZwiki

    There are 3 tarot cards left in the deck.

    Who will those 3 bosses be?

    Who will return to the THOTD series?

    Will the Mystery Man reappear and reveal his true identity?

    Will G return?

    Will the Magician explode again

    Is Goldman dead?

    Only Sega (and time) will tell...

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