We waited patiently for this for some time, over 8 years, and we have a new HotD game in the form of Scarlet Dawn. After most of you gave up too. Anyways, it looks like the game will have a difficulty that fits in somewhere between 2 and 3 due to how many zombies can appear on screen at one time. In that sense, it would make the zombies relatively slow attacking and moving, and possibly give the player and alternative weapon to the pistol, maybe an SMG like 4 or a shotgun like 3.

Moving on, lets make sense of the screenshots we've been given. 

The game looks like a reboot so the chance of existing characters making an appearance is quite low, we were lucky to get G in Overkill frankly. I  also found a Eurogamer article about the game, which notes that the game 'shows some familiar bosses returning', which means...Magician? Speaking of which, there is one screenshot on of a boss which is mostly mechanical, wielding a large axe. Sound familiar? You might want to visit the page on The Chariot to help some familiar bosses returning 

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