This blog is called bosses' backstories' for a reason, i will be writing about how certain bosses have links to certain things. Ok, lets start off with the final boss of THOTD4, The World

The World

this boss' backstory has a link to Caleb Goldman; the main antagonist from the 2nd and 4th games. If you get an A or B ranking in THOTD4, you will get a rare and "different" ending. Alike the game's standard ending, Goldman is seen in a recording on his hidden PC, saying one final message; "ah, yes, there is one thing I forgot. The human race has not been eliminated. Travel North... hope is such a splendid thing..." Just before saying "hope is such a splendid thing", Goldman takes off his glasses while the camera zooms in...

The World's first forms

It is very noticable that he had creases around his eyes and mouth and he also has GLOWING RED EYES and most players think he is mutating into a zombie. He is mutating into a zombie, but not just a regular zombie. He is mutating in to the game's final boss; the insect - like World (who has several forms).

I think that he must have recorded that message before the players arrive at his building, by then he has disappeared underground to pandora's box and fully mutated, ready to fight. 

Another thing, listen to his pre - battle speech, and listen closely to the "I am the ultimate being" part of the speech. This is GOLDMAN'S voice implying that he did in fact mutate into the world. It's kind- of odd that Goldman has the ability to mutate into a giant, talking fly with "cryokinesis" but, that is Sega's idea...

The next boss is the Wheel Of Fate from House of the Dead 3

The Wheel Of Fate

This boss has the base of a certain humanoid from the oldest game 18 years ago, Dr. Roy Curien

Has anyone ever seen the extended House of the Dead 2 flashback from the dreamcast version of the game? Well, after the video of the Magician's first demise, a mystery person (for 5 seconds) is seen walking up to the dead doctor's corpse. The camera reveals that the 'mystery character' is Caleb Goldman (from the text above), this how Dr. Curien ended up in the EFI research facility in THOTD3.

Wheel of fate

The wheel of fate launching electrodes

Goldman also used Roy's own research on Curien himself to make the Wheel Of Fate. This might have been Goldman's "sucessor" project, and that is why he said that before "killing himself". It is uncertain that this is Caleb's sucessor after all, Sega really need to make a THOTD6 including all the facts  made to make thhe fans want more THOTD games...

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