My fellow agents and DBR personnel...

Today marks a very important and influential day in The House of the Dead timeline history. On this day, February 26th of 2000, the malign financier, Caleb Goldman of theDBR, unleashed his grotesque hordes of creatures out onto civilian streets. This would trigger further events that would eventually lead to world devestation and change. Only the ilk of theAMS, James Taylor and Gary Stewart, were able to make attempts at nuetralizing the threat on this date.

Yup. Today is the 20th anniversary of when Judgment tried to decapitate us, Hierophant attempted to impale us, Tower attempted to maul us, Strength attempted to slice us, Magician tried to burn us, and Emperor tried to do all of these at once AND stab us (ouch).

But comrades, we're still kicking twenty years later.

Who knows what the future will behold?

Hope is such a splendid thing.

Happy(?) 20th anniversary, events of HOD 2.

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