NOTE: This editing FAQ will continue to be updated to reflect Wiki of the Dead's standard editing procedures. Due to an inundation of newly discovered information about the series and the upcoming Forever Entertainment remakes, it is inevitable that there will be changes implemented as we pull ourselves forward from what this wiki once was.

Greetings once again, everybody! Due to a recent flux of editing and contributing from many different accounts, I decided to create this little post as an informative for what’s accepted. We highly appreciate and value all the work you guys have added to our growing wiki.

What is considered canon? 

Canon is information confirmed by games, manuals, written material, and developer interviews. We have as of lately been discovering vast amounts of lore and details within multiple sources on this series, so for clarification and accuracy, we believe that information that is posted to any wiki page must be confirmable and backed up with a reference. 

Examples of what is and isn’t canon:

Dr. Roy Curien is not a canonical name. The name “Roy” was a fan-name that was circulated all over the internet and remained so firmly ingrained that SEGA ended up using it as the Doctor’s first name for “SEGA Heroes”. However, this game is not canon in regard it is not in the main series, a spin-off, and contains barely any references to the franchise. The Doctor is never mentioned by the name “Roy” in any game in the main franchise. It is for this reason his page is monikered Dr. Curien, a name which is backed up by reference.

Venice is NOT the confirmed location for The House of the Dead 2. Even though the city bears similar architecture and names from the real place, the game, or any manuals or literature surrounding it, never reference it as such. Some examples that even detract from the city being Venice is the unique area of the Goldman Building, the proximity of the coliseum to the canals and waterways (the coliseum is located in Rome, which is over 300 miles away from Venice, whereas in the game, the Agents walk to one in just 10 minutes), and the fact that nobody in the town speaks Italian or bears an accent. In The House of the Dead 4, which takes place in the same location, there is more background evidence that the location might be London rather than Venice. Again, this is speculation based on observation of the environment. The city itself remains unnamed.

Caleb Goldman is never said to be the CEO of the DBR Corporation. What he is however, is the head of a financial group. We know that he funded Dr. Curien’s research and later used it for his own purposes, using his own knowledge of genome theory to do so. but we have yet to figure out if he had any upper-level affiliation with the DBR.

Is theory acceptable?

We no longer accept theories under “trivia”, and are instead to be posted under User blogs bearing the tag “User theories”. If you have a theory, no matter how plausible it may seem, please resort to keeping it in a blog with this tag, rather than putting it under “trivia”, which is reserved for canonical evidence.  

If blog posts dedicated to theory do not bear this tag, the blog is subjected to removal. Repeated failure to comply with this standard will result in a block of three months. However, blogs containing content that do not comply with our wikia standards of conduct will automatically be deleted, accompanied with a permanent ban.

What about inconsistent information? 

Unfortunately the House of the Dead series is full of info that often contradicts or becomes inconsistent as the series progresses. You may notice that certain names for particular characters or enemies differ depending on the games they appear in (i.e “Creatures” in the main House of the Dead series and “Zombies” in Zombie Revenge), and might be confused on how to approach the matter. There are instances where even confirmed information on pages might, in some regards, clash. If you notice glaring errors, feel free to correct the error or report to staff. 

Because The House of the Dead offers multiple alternatives regarding plot, characters, creaturs, motivations, background, etc, we are trying to write it all out in an organized fashion as possible to clear up the glaring differences. We want to keep our pages free of clutter while staying true to HOD’s environment. Any confirmable information we discover is crucial, which is why building up this wiki has been a learning curve. 

Happy editing, everybody!


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