Hello everybody. I'm writing this blog to give you a heads-up on what has been going down on this wiki for a good while now.

Due to recent events, we would like to discuss our policies regarding vandalism and some changes we will be making.

We have stringent rules on Wiki of the Dead regarding vandalism, and due to the excessiveness of sock puppet accounts attempting to make this place a dumping ground, I and Multibrawlr have agreed that anyone who displays this kind of material on our site will permanently be banned. No exceptions.

Here is a basic layout of what is NOT accepted:

-Pornography or sexual content


-Editing of Gallery photos to include above said content

-Racist material

-Inappropriate comments on pages

-Mass deletion of material without explanation

We recognize vandalism as editing that is intentionally created to be disruptive, controversial, and/or deliberately offensive. We recognize that mistakes can happen when editing a page or a category, however there is often discrepancy between the intention of a vandal an the mistake of a person wanting to assist.

Also of note, with each edit made, remember to leave a short note for the reason of your edit. This helps us see what was fixed.

As of today, these rules have officially bene enacted. We hope to continue providing high-quality material towards this wiki, and make it a safe, great community that can be relied on in the future.

Take care everybody.


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