Greetings, agents and fellow staff. We have a big announcement to make for a large change we enacted on this wiki.

First and foremost, I want to express my most sincere gratitude to the anonymous users on this wiki who have contributed both big and small. Your assistance with editing, communicating, formatting, etc. have improved this wiki in strides ever since its launch over a decade ago. I am thankful for everything you have all done.

However, I must also announce that as of today, we have made the final decision to deactivate anonymous editing. There are many reasons for this conclusion.

We have been cleaning up this wiki for a good long time now. For almost 10 years, this wiki lacked good administration that could keep an eye out for misinformation and vandalism. Even after hundreds of hours spent on formatting, fixing errors, organizing, and contributing, we still have damage on this site that shows an imprint of years of administrative neglect. On top of this, we are working on making this site mobile-friendly, reformatting errors here and there, correcting misleading information, programming, a whole list of tasks we are still needing completed.

Unfortunately, we've been forced to halt progress on the wiki and communication on here and the Discord server due to a group of trolls forming anonymous dupe accounts. This is a problem that has persisted for a while now, but lately we have had an acceleration of inappropriate activity, ranging from posting profanity, pornographic content, threats to staff and other users, and deliberate attempts at spreading blatant, false information on purpose. This behavior has forced us to lock half the pages on our wiki, but alas, the infection would continue to spread. You can refer to my past blogpost on vandalism if you need to be refreshed on our policies and what is not accepted.

This has been costing the time of many staff, and after a discussion over the matter, we have decided that only registered users may make contributions. To those anonymous users who have been contributing for the good of the HOTD community, we highly consider creating a Wikia account and continue with your edits. We greatly appreciate all the work you have done. It's just unfortunate we've been receiving this type of inexcusable conduct.

We will keep you all updates on decisions regarding the matter. It is possible at some point we can enable this feature again. As of now though, for the sake of fixing this site, we are keeping them off.

Take care everybody, and a belated New Years to you all!


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