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A vampire (バンパイア Banpaia?) is a nocturnal creature that feeds on the vital force (traditionally blood) of the living. They are the titular enemies of the House of the Dead-style Namco game Vampire Night.


300 years prior to the events depicted in Vampire Night, humans and vampires battled. In 2006, vampire leader Count Auguste grew tired of immortality and sought ending his life. He created two damphyrs (vampire-human hybrids), vampire hunters Michel and Albert, to accomplish this. However, Auguste -- fearing death -- stripped the hunters of their powers and sent his followers to kill them.

Most of the vampires Michel and Albert faced were the minions of Bathe'lemy, Guillaume, Raoul, and Diane, loyal members of Auguste's court, and often had elemental motifs in connection to their masters.

Behavior and Abilities

Vampires range from having normal-sized bodies to being small. They employ a variety of armor, blades, and other elemental powers. For instance, Raoul's vampires can manipulate dark energy, and Diane's are ice-based.

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