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A weak point diagram all regular humanoid creatures. This image was used in arcade cabinet artwork and manuals for the first two House of the Dead games.

His tongue was his weakness.

Kate Green to G before fighting Justice.[src]

A weak point is an area of an enemy or boss's body that is vulnerable to damage. The term has been used in the main House of the Dead video game series, the spiritual successor Vampire Night, and the spin-off The House of the Dead: Overkill.


Each game in the House of the Dead series identifies boss weak points differently:

The first game depicts boss weak points on research blueprints. The sequel shows them in a field journal from the wounded AMS agent G. Before each boss, the pages of the journal are seen flipping to the blueprints of the boss encountered.

A PDA developed by the AMS is used in III, 4, 4 Special, and Scarlet Dawn. The PDA contains a camera/scanner that photographs/scans a boss and digitally analyzes and identifies its weak point by beeps.

In The House of the Dead: Overkill, blueprints for the bosses' weak points are shown in the loading screens before the boss fight.

Vampire Night presents small 3D models of the bosses inside a revolving cube, with the weak point highlighted in red.

Boss weak points (By game)

The House of the Dead

The House of the Dead 2

The House of the Dead III

The House of the Dead 4

The House of the Dead 4 Special

House of the Dead: Scarlet Dawn

The House of the Dead: Overkill /Extended Cut

Boss Weak Point Overkill Diagram Extended Cut Diagram
Jasper Guns Head.
Jasper weakpoint.jpg
Coco and Sindy (Extended Cut only) Coco. [Does not appear]
Coco & Sindy weakpoint.jpg
Screamer Head and chest.
Screamer weakpoint.jpg
Nigel and Sebastian Sebastian.
Nigel and Sebastian.jpg
Nigel & Sebastian weakpoint.jpg
Meat Katie (Extended Cut only) Cow-like udder. [Does not appear]
Meat Katie weakpoint.jpg
Crawler Arms (Overkill) or eyes (Extended Cut).
Crawler Weakpoints.jpg
Crawler weakpoint.jpg
Lobber Arms and head.
Lobber weakpoint.jpg
Brutus the Ruthless Weaponized right arm.
Brutus weakpoint.jpg
Mother Head (listed as "Unknown" in Extended Cut).
Mother weakpoint.jpg


  • In an interview, The House of the Dead developer Sega AM1 stated that they revealed boss weak points to help players who could not find them on their own.[1]


  1. "Interview: The House of the Dead", Sega Saturn Magazine, issue 23, September 1997, page 63.
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