"I am Curien... I shall destroy everything, and... resurrect everything."
―The Wheel of Fate to Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien.[src]

Type-0000, codenamed the "Wheel of Fate" (ホイール・オブ・フェイト Hoīru Obu Feito?), was the resurrected, computerized form of genetic engineer Dr. Roy Curien. Awakening 21 years after his death, he appeared as a metallic humanoid creature with electrokinetic and levitational powers, surrounded by a wheel that was spun to deflect and choose attacks.

He is the final boss of The House of the Dead III, and chronologically the last to be encountered in the main House of the Dead series thus far. His weak point is the white sun-like symbol on his chest.


After his death on December 18th, 1998, Curien's body underwent a nineteen-year resurrection process. Reawakening in 2019 before his son, Daniel Curien, and Lisa Rogan, the Wheel of Fate vowed to "destroy [and] resurrect everything." Upon defeat, he pleaded for mercy but was ultimately destroyed.

Bestiary Overview

The Wheel of Fate is a metal humanoid surging with electricity, surrounded by a spiked wheel. He has long slicked, horn-like appendages on his head, glowing white eyes, and a sun-shaped emblem on his chest. In combat, he summons projectiles and shields, evading gunfire with fast movement.


With his high health and mobility, the Wheel of Fate is one of the longest boss battles in the House of the Dead series. Three of his five attack patterns are determined by a random spin of his wheel; the last two occur at lower health. Fast, precise shooting is critical to avoid the Wheel of Fate's attacks (especially on console ports of The House of the Dead III, whereupon reload speed is slower than the arcade version).

The following is a comprehensive, strategic guide to the Wheel of Fate's attack patterns:

  • In his first attack, the Wheel of Fate stops and curls up, charging energy while protected by his wheel. Then, weak point exposed, he shoots two sets of arcing lightning bolts.
    • This is always the first attack pattern used.
    • It is best to shoot the closest projectiles and not miss shots.
  • In his second attack, the Wheel of Fate flies around, impervious to damage, before charging at players in an electrical shield.
    • Players should just manage to halt his charge by firing all six shots, reloading, then continuing for another six.
    • Each shot slightly pushes back the Wheel of Fate, but he will keep advancing fast.
  • In his third attack, the Wheel of Fate races about the stage at high speed, passing several times before charging at players.
    • Track his movements and fire carefully during the small windows of opportunity provided.
  • In his fourth attack, the Wheel of Fate unleashes a volley of electric projectiles as he flies off-screen.
    • Similar to the first attack, it is recommended to shoot the ones closest and give oneself time to reload; more than six projectiles will be launched.
  • In his fifth and most dangerous attack, the Wheel of Fate charges and unleashes multiple lightning bolts.
    • The bolts are brighter the closer they are.

In between attacks, the Wheel of Fate's chest is exposed for damage.


"I am Curien... I shall destroy everything, and... resurrect everything."
―The Wheel of Fate to Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien.[src]
"This is the world you humans wanted... The world... is overpopulated... Even you must realize that! Daniel, you need me..."
―The Wheel of Fate after being defeated.[src]


  • Like all bosses of the House of the Dead series (prior to Overkill), the Wheel of Fate's name is derived from a Tarot card in the Major Arcana. However, the name was changed (the original card being called "The Wheel of Fortune").
  • The final bosses of the first four games appear to embody primal elements of nature: The Magician uses fire, the Emperor uses magnetism, the Wheel of Fate uses electricity, and The World uses ice.
  • In regards to his weak point, the game states "Analysis is impossible". The Magician and the Emperor from the previous two games, in contrast, had theirs marked as "unknown".
  • Although it is unknown who resurrected Curien, the flashback teaser of the second game shows Goldman visiting the Magician's laboratory and stopping before Curien's corpse, implying that the former was indeed the one who secretly resurrected Curien.
  • In the "good" ending of The House of the Dead 4: Special, Thornheart proclaims that the Wheel of Fate "cannot be stopped."
  • Wheel of Fate's theme is a remixed version of Emperor's theme from The House of the Dead 2.


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