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For the boss of this chapter, see Wheel of Fate.

Wheel of Fate (運命, Unmei?) is the fifth and final chapter of The House of the Dead III.


Lisa Rogan and G finally reach the facility where Wheel of Fate is being stored, they then race to find Thomas Rogan, fighting creatures along the way.

They finally reach Rogan, as Lisa immediately reunites with him as a family. The mysterious figure who approached Rogan enters the reunion, and as G prepares to fight him, Rogan deters him. The mysterious figure identifies himself as Daniel Curien, the son of Dr. Curien, who saved Rogan's life earlier in hopes of being able to prevent the disaster. As Rogan attempts to stand up, he's hurt and has to rest. Lisa entrusts her father to G as she proceeds with Daniel to Wheel of Fate's incubation room, but not before he tells Lisa to "believe in herself, no matter what happens", to which she finally gets together.

Lisa, now partnered with Daniel, races to Wheel of Fate's incubation room. They are greeted by the recently undead Yukio, but Daniel refuses to fight him, as he defends himself from Yukio.

They defeat Yukio, and reach Wheel of Fate's incubation room. Daniel describes the creature as his father's last legacy, with Daniel himself being forced to watch such an evil grow for 19 years, prompting him to break it by hacking into the program. Lisa questions Daniel's actions of fighting his own father, to which he states that the future belongs to the living generation, and that he is "ready to live the rest of his life bearing the burden of his father's crimes".

Wheel of Fate awakens from incubation, as he states that "he is Curien", ready to bring forth destruction and rebirth, as the room transforms into a cyberspace-like realm.

They finally defeat Wheel of Fate, but is warned that the world is being overpopulated by humans. Lisa refuses, saying that they can handle the future themselves, before Daniel claims that the creature is not his father, as they shoot him simultaneously to destroy him once and for all.

Daniel then states that he is "no longer bound by the past", and has begun walking toward the future, but Lisa tells Daniel to hurry out of the building.

As the credits roll, G escorts his old partner Rogan out of the building, as G thanks Rogan for taking care of Lisa. Rogan denies this as he states that "they did a good job taking care of themselves". G asks Rogan if this changes anything, to which the latter replies "it's their future. Maybe nothing will change. Maybe everything will be different." Their duty is done and they entrust Lisa and Daniel to believe in themselves and walk their own paths. G remarks that Lisa is starting to sound a lot like Rogan, but Rogan claims this as a joke, as things are already starting to change.


In the standard good ending, Lisa and Daniel walk out of the building. For a brief moment Daniel pauses to face the building and bid his father a final farewell, and swears he will not let his father's efforts go to waste. He also mentions that "If humans go down the wrong path again, I'll come back... to this place." Afterward, he and Lisa leave together and go home.

The bad ending has Daniel beginning to go insane and losing the will to move on, questioning his future. Despite (or maybe because of) the antidote that has cured his illness, a sudden close up of Daniel's face (and an ominous change to the tone of his voice from quiet to deep and monstrous) reveals that he has become a creature. Lisa screams in the background. It is uncertain what happens to her, G and Rogan in this ending.

The comedy ending sees Lisa's car driving away, thinking that her father is leaving her and Daniel behind. However, Rogan and G are behind them, leaving Lisa and Daniel completely confused. It is then revealed that a zombie is driving away in it. Lisa begins to give chase after the stolen vehicle while shouting "Hey, that's my car you slimy bastards!" (In the Arcade version she says "Let's keep after him!") There is also a brief shot of Daniel going after Lisa as she chases the car saying "Say your prayers!"

The secret ending involves a mysterious and unidentified man in a business suit wandering through the laboratory where the final battle with Wheel of Fate took place. On the floor, he finds one of the small glass vials containing the genes used as Daniel's antidote. Limping on his right leg, he picks up the vial and leaves, muttering to himself, "It appears that he [Curien] didn't understand its true purpose."

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