Please follow these policies, or risk facing the "ban hammer".

Welcome to The Wiki of the Dead, a comprehensive database for Sega's horror media franchise The House of the Dead.

Please read and follow the below policies so the wiki stays informative and friendly for everyone. Any failure to heed these rules will be addressed and dealt with appropriately.

As the wiki continues to grow and improve, be advised that the below policies are subject to change.

Please relay all questions and concerns to our Administration team. Happy editing!

User Conduct

  1. Respect administration staff and fellow editors. Trolling, insults, threats, or any other toxic behavior will not be tolerated.
  2. Communicate. Please:
    1. Check your talk pages for possible messages from wiki staff and other users.
    2. Provide explanations to your edits whenever possible, so that people can understand what you've changed without having to check in history. Abusing this by lying to hide vandalism or any other bad behavior will not be tolerated, and depending on circumstances can result in a ban.
    3. Relay all questions, comments, and concerns to an admin.


  1. All users must have a verified Wikia account in order to edit pages and post comments. Anonymous editing has been disabled due to abuse.
  2. Per FANDOM's guidelines and the law of COPPA (Children's Online Privacy Protection Act), all users must be ages 13 or older before making an account. Users found to be underage will be banned until they are of age.
  3. No sockpuppeting. While there are valid reasons for having multiple accounts, it's best to have one editor per account. Abuse of multiple accounts -- including to evade sanctions and blocks -- is unacceptable. Sockpuppet accounts of any previously-banned users will also be permanently banned.
  4. Keep account customization appropriate. Profile pictures, pages, and usernames must not have any vulgar content.
  5. Don't impersonate administration staff. This includes falsely categorizing yourself as a bureaucrat, admin, or other user who has been granted certain privileges.

Wiki Content

  1. Avoid non-canonical information. This includes fanfiction -- either textual or in image format -- and otherwise blatantly or subtly false information. If you're unsure about the legitimacy of something on the wiki, please contact an admin.
  2. Cite your sources. Some sources we'd appreciate include gameplay, manuals, websites, articles, and interviews pertaining to the House of the Dead and respective franchises on this wiki.
  3. Maintain good spelling, punctuation, and grammar. This wiki is strictly in English. We only use Japanese for translating names or for citation sources published in Japan.
  4. Write from a neutral perspective. Please don't shoehorn your personal opinions into a page. Either take it to the comments (respectfully) or a different site altogether.
  5. Don't link to nonexistent pages. Only link if you intend to add relevant content.


Please keep comments clean. No swearing, pornographic content, and fighting.


Wiki images must concern the House of the Dead media franchise or other games/topics discussed on The Wiki of the Dead.

Acceptable images

  • Screenshots
  • Images/artwork from legitimate sources (manuals, game guides, interviews, print media)
  • Development images (concept artwork, ect.)
  • Game arcade flyers and cover art.

Unacceptable images

  • Fanart
  • Pornography and other explicit/sexual NSFW content
  • Small and/or blurry images
  • Camera photos of content on a monitor or screen (i.e. not direct screenshots)
  • Images with URLs
  • Screenshots from YouTube Let's Plays, with the commentator's face visible.

Things to consider when uploading an image

  1. Make sure the image doesn't already exist. The lowest-quality duplicate images will be deleted. Uploading a better-quality image of one currently on the wiki is welcome.
  2. Keep the filename clear. No gibberish--it looks messy and makes the image difficult to search for.
  3. Make sure it's categorized properly. Before categorizing an image, please browse Category:Images in order to find the correct place to put it.
  4. Make sure to receive permission. If you are retrieving an image from a third-party source, make sure you are granted permission from the owner before uploading it to the wiki.

Uploading images to customize profiles

You may upload images (House of the Dead-related or not) to customize your user profile. However, please follow the below policies:

  1. All images must be appropriate. No pornography, hate speech, and/or overtly violent imagery.
  2. When you upload an image for your profile, please list it under Category:User profile images. It will otherwise be deleted after three days.
  3. Please keep these images off wiki pages and blog posts. They must stay on your profile page.
  4. Do not abuse this to troll, spam, or vandalize. Your account will face blocks and/or bans.


Vandalism involves user actions which deface the quality and integrity of The Wiki of the Dead, such as:

  • Spamming advertisements and website links.
  • Replacing words and names with irrelevant content.
  • Creating pages to post random/vulgar content.
  • Removing all content from a page, often without explanation.

Vandalism usually isn't done in "good faith" (by unintentional mistake). It is to the discretion of wiki staff to decide if an edit was in "good faith" or not.

There are no warnings given out for edits determined to be intentionally disruptive to The Wiki of the Dead; blocks will be applied to the user responsible immediately. The blocks may be as little as a week or as large as infinitely, depending on the extent of the vandalism.


Penalties and how they are issued depend greatly on the issue at present. Members who simply don't comply with minor regulations will have the following strikes below applied, while more serious deportment's such as vandalism and attempts at causing disruption may lead to a permanent ban with no exceptions.

  • First Strike: The offender will be notified and given a friendly warning, as well as a link to this page to refresh any memories. For first offenses, if you feel that the warning is unjustified, don't be afraid to plead your case with a reasonable response, and it will be considered.
  • Second Strike: The offender will be given a more serious warning, along with the threat of a ban.
  • Third Strike: The offender will be banned for a week.
  • Fourth Strike: The offender will be banned for a month.
  • Fifth Strike: The offender will be banned permanently.
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