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Yoko (ようこ Yōko?) is a supporting character that appears in Zombie Revenge. She serves as the game's sole civilian in need of rescuing, and the game's ending will be affected whether she is saved or killed.


During the zombie outbreak in Woodside City, she and her boyfriend arrived looking to see some zombies in action. However, her boyfriend fell prey to the undead.[1][excerpt 1]

As she escaped, a man with a golden eye appeared before her with a floppy disc to give to AMS agents Stick Breitling and Linda Rotta and Home Office Special Affairs Division agent Rikiya Busujima. As they arrived, Yoko was seconds away from being killed by zombies.

If she is saved, she will give the disc to the agents and describe the person who gave it to her as someone with a golden eye. As they leave, she asks herself how she got into this mess. If she is killed, she will drop the disc in which the agents can retrieve.

Yoko is not seen again until the game's ending, which will differ depending on her survival. If she was saved earlier, she is waiting impatiently in the same warehouse she was found in, cursing that ZED had better come back with the money he owes her for delivering the disc and after all she went through. If she was killed, her back is shown to the camera, apparently feeding on something before slowly turning her head toward the screen.


  • Unlike other hostages in the House of the Dead games, Yoko cannot be accidentally killed by the player.
  • Yoko carries the tradition of having a character turn into a zombie with the game's bad ending.




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    "ゾンビを見るため恋人と一緒にウッドシティへとやって来るしかし、街について間もなく恋人はゾンビによって殺されてしまうあてもなくさまようヨーコの前に金色の目をした男が現れ、ある依頼をする "
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