We're humanity's last hope! We cannot lose!

Yukio in creature form.[src]

Yukio (ユキオ Yukio?) was a military commando who served under former AMS agent Thomas Rogan's secret division. He participated in a 2019 mission to infiltrate the EFI Research Facility for ties to the collapse of civilization. He and other partners were killed and reanimated by the biologically-engineered creatures inside.

He is a minor character and antagonist (as a creature) in The House of the Dead III. He appears as the miniboss of the final chapter, behaving like a faster version of the normal Rogan Commando creatures.


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In October 17th, 2019, 16 years after a 2003 outbreak organized by Caleb Goldman, Thomas Rogan led a team of military commandos into the EFI Research Facility, seeking the cause of the apocalypse. Yukio, Rogan, and Dan Taylor became the only survivors. Eventually, a humanoid creature bit into Yukio's shoulder and killed him.

Later, while racing to the Wheel of Fate's holding chamber, Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien encountered Yukio's fallen body. While reanimating, Yukio said "We're humanity's last hope, we can't lose" in a deep, monstrous voice. While fighting, he repeatedly exclaimed "That was for my buddies!" and could seemingly regenerate damaged parts of his body. Lisa and Daniel defeated him.

Bestiary Overview

Unlike the other military commandos, Yukio's lower left pant along with the respective knee pad and boot are intact. His radio along with the pouches on his belt are present. Similar to the military commandos, the lower part of his shirt sleeves have been torn off. There are also scars on his uniform and cap which seem to correspond to slashes done by knives. He retains the quick side-by-side movements, dual combat knives and left leg kick.

Yukio's agility and health are greater than the normal Rogan Commando creatures, and will increase each time he is shot down, making him more dangerous. Fast shooting and reloading are key.

In the arcade and most console versions, Yukio can regenerate himself up to five times. In the Wii version, however, he does not regenerate at all, making the fight easier.


  • Yukio's handgun appears in Chapter 0, but not in Chapter 5. In addition, the dual combat knives do not appear in the former chapter but appear in the later chapter.




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