Yukio (ユキオ) was a military commando, member of AMS agent Thomas Rogan's secret division, and minor antagonist in The House of the Dead III (during mutation).

Along with Rogan, partner Dan Taylor, and others, Yukio infiltrated the EFI Research Facility to find the source of the worldwide zombie outbreak. He and most of the commandos were killed and reanimated; in the final chapter, Yukio's undead form serves as a miniboss.


In October 2019, 16 years after a 2003 outbreak organized by Caleb Goldman, Thomas Rogan led a team of military commandos into the EFI Research Facility, seeking the cause of the apocalypse. Yukio, Rogan, and Taylor became the only survivors. Eventually, a zombie bit into Yukio's shoulder and killed him.

Later, while racing to the Wheel of Fate's holding chamber, Lisa Rogan and Daniel Curien encountered Yukio's fallen body. While reanimating, Yukio said "We're humanity's last hope, we can't lose" in a deep, monstrous voice. While fighting, he repeatedly exclaimed "That was for my buddies!" and could seemingly regenerate damaged parts of his body. Lisa and Daniel defeated him.

Bestiary Overview

Yukio's agility and health are greater than the normal commando zombies. The former increases each time he is shot down, making him more of a threat. Fast shooting and reloading are key.

In the arcade and most console versions, Yukio can regenerate himself up to five times. In the Wii version, however, he does not regenerate at all, making the fight easier.


  • Yukio's handgun appears in Chapter 0, but not in Chapter 5.


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