Casey was one of Thomas Rogan's commandos who was on a mission to stop the Wheel of Fate. Despite his

The zombies overtake Casey.

best efforts, the zombie horde overtook him, biting deep into his shoulder and spilling his blood onto the floor. His fallen body remained there until the final fight. Casey seemed to have gained an ability to speak English in a deep, monstrous voice, repeatedly saying "That was for my buddies!" Daniel says "I'm not here to fight you!" But he attacks Daniel and Lisa anyway. Due to Casey's status, he could take far more damage than the other commandos, but was eventually put down. Casey was a former partner of Captain Dan Taylor himself.


  • Casey is roughly 30 years old
  • During the First Chapter, Casey uses a Franchi Spas 12. It is unknown if he was the Semi-Auto Mode or the Pump Action Mode
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